Fetes and Event Days are enjoyable for the community and can be financially rewarding. A successful event requires coordination, planning and effort, involving the whole community to pull together to ensure the day runs smoothly.

Pick a Time Online Makes the Organisation of Your Event Effortless

What does it do?

Pick a time simplifies the process of registering volunteers and stalls, then it creates a booking system that is easy to use and organizes everything.

How does it do it?

  1. Pick a Time is a simple, easy to use web application you can access from anywhere
  2. Pick a Time works in all modern browsers, and is built with your security in mind

What Can Pick A Time Do For You?

Save You Time

Free up your time to do more important things.

pto will free up your time

Pick a Time will automate your booking system, just provide us with the information and done, Booking System Created.

Save you Money

Let Pick a time save you some money

Organizing an event takes money

Pick A Time will ultimately cut your costs down by automating processes normally done by people.

Make your job simpler

PTO will essentially make your job easier

PTO simplifies the whole process

Everything you would have to do, the time and money spent organizing. All Done.

So Where Do You Start?

Once the required number of stalls and volunteers is decided, send through this information to Pick a Time, and we will set up a customized booking system for your school. From here, all that’s required is to provide the school community with login details, which they can use to commit to helping out.

What Else? We Have The Best Support Around

PTO was created with you in mind. We understand your needs and will deliver, so when you purchase Pick A Time you also getemail support.

  • Save Time and Money
  • Full Customer Support
  • The Best Scheduling Software Around
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